The Essential Skills Of Self Improvement

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When motivational speakers use the term self improvement what is it that they mean exactly? In a manner of speaking it is a type of customer service training for your soul. To understand this analogy, think of self improvement as techniques to nurture and cultivate your soul.

Our society is inundated with the selling of leadership training seminars, pyramid business schemes and other malarkey. Among various vaporous products that the scam artists sell is self-improvement. The problem is that you can not buy self-improvement. The truth is that you need no improvement to yourself. You are already perfect. We can not see the gifts waiting for our taking because of our worries.

Self improvement is not a sales training class. Self improvement is not perfecting your options trading strategies. It is deeper than that. Perfection of the self is a spiritual quest that is beyond the satisfaction from material possessions or making lots of money. There is no special class or seminar that will help you in this venture.

Self-improvement is a possibility for anyone. Some people are natural born leaders. Other people were born to be followers. Some think the natural born leaders are better people than the followers. This is a dangerous falsehood. One group is not better than the other. One can seek the truth and still be a follower. One can worship the false and be a leader. It is respect for truth that puts a man on the right path.

This is difficult to believe but the key to happiness is right there in front of you. The trick is to learn to see it. No one can point it out to you. Stop thinking so hard and you will see it. Probably you have been told the secret many many times. But you are deaf and did not hear it. Probably you have seen people in your who have attained this blessing. But you are blind and did not see it.

The secret is only revealed when you yourself see it plainly. Only then will you soundly understand the simplicity of this fruit of knowledge. You will laugh as you understand that you knew all along deep down. Because you already know the secret. However, you have forgotten that you know it.

There is no motivational speaker, minister, parent, teacher, or anyone else that can make you understand, no matter how high the tuition for the seminar. There is no religion or priest that will absolve you. There is no political dogma that can guide you.

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