Is The Secret Success going to Measure up?

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Is The Secret Success going to Measure up?

The ‘Secret’ Law of Attraction was first presented to people the very first time within the unparalleled hit movie “The Secret“. Even so, The Secret Movie does not go far enough to go into detail how this Law of Attraction does work. Let’s hope the upcoming follow up to The Secret goes on what’s missing inside the initial video.

Once the Secret DVD first arrived on the scene, and while people found out about it on Oprah, there seemed to be a mad rush worldwide to secure a copy of it and to find out for their own reasons. I loved it. My eyes were opened. I still consider it among one of the best movies.

Plenty of people got really anxious about it.

“Finally”, they cried, “NOW I realize. All I have to do is focus my ideas on what I would like, and modify the language within my head. I can manifest Anything at all I do think about. Given that I think about it hard enough and long enough”.

“I would like to get results – and fast. I don’t would like to await months or years for my dreams. I will practice Lots of visualizing and positive thinking. I’ll get all that I want – At this time”

They eagerly watched The Secret over and over in anticipation this would likely deliver these people their set goals. Some people severely considered their Dream all day long. they constructed Vision Boards and Lists of Goals. They retained a Appreciation Diary.

Now they are all extremely useful instruments. Employ them.

But can only this go a long way? Does one manifest just like this? Truly?

That’s where The Secret falls short. Once you watch it you obtain the expectation that you can manifest your ideal away from nowhere. That belief and faith will automatically bring you what you long for. Well – yes and – no!

You MUST make a change.

Mike Dooley says: “Thinking Become Things”

A friend of mine Gideon Shalwick’s provides a great quote that he uses: “Thoughts are simply possible things. They become things only because of specifically directed actions.”

The Secret DVD only quickly brings up taking action. But it must be really spelt out.

Give attention to your project. Visualize it with feeling and excitement. Do it again it in your head or out loud. But this can be a important missing bit ….. on every occasion you receive a tiny concept simply popping directly into your mind pertaining to techniques for getting closer to what you want, you must act upon it. (Bob Doyle says: “You might get various inspired idea of some actions to take”.) That little idea is The Universe replying to you reaching out saying – “This ‘s what I want”.

Considering constantly about what you need IS significant; you need to focus on what you want. (John Assaraf says: “You become what you think about most nevertheless, you also bring in what you think about most”).

But if you can’t Take action you are simply a dreamer. You are just building castles in the air.

“The Science to getting Rich” was the little book which inspired The Secret Dvd movie. Through this book, Wallace D Wattles said:

“… man should not only consider, but his own personal actions must supplement his own thought. By considered you may cause the gold within the hearts of the mountains to become impelled toward you; but it will not mine itself, refine by itself, coin by itself into double eagles, and come running along the roads searching for its way into your pocket.

Your wallet seriously isn’t going to be converted into Fortune’s backpack, which shall be constantly full of cash with no effort on your part.

This is usually the fundamental point in The Science of Getting Rich; right at this point, where belief and personal behavior must be merged. You will discover very many people who, purposely or mindlessly, set the creative power in action by the energy and persistence of their wishes, yet who seem to remain awful because they don’t provide for the reception of the thing they would like when it comes.

BY THOUGHT, What You need IS Brought TO YOU; BY ACTION YOU Obtain IT. ”

And you must act At this point. Do not hold out until you are in the ideal situation, the best career, the most suitable union. Right away is the only time you have.

I adore this saying that Sherry in the Organic Fruits and Vegetable Store told me last week:


What’s done it’s done

No one knows the future

You only own the present – do it Right now

Apply your entire thought process and strength as well as act to the very best of your capacity in the scenario in which you currently find yourself. Do your definite best in your existing job today to present service for your buyers, your manager and your work fellow workers. Be the best you can in all of your relationships through every person you meet. Look after your overall health today as if your entire body was a sacred temple (it is).

Help make every day a flourishing one. A triumphant day is one when you have done your best possible, when you happen to be as efficient as doable. You understand if you have dallied around and misused time and effort – having days that actually take energy from you, disconnect you from The Universe. They don’t feel great – YOU don’t feel wonderful.

Make every single day a success.

Now this isn’t going to mean that you need to work by yourself to the bone, doing the job late with lengthy hours and performing around after the whims of other people. That isn’t excellent.

If your days are ALL powerful, you are heading in the right route. Keep possessing a clear image in your mind of what you would like, while being very grateful and God will answer to you and bring you closer and closer to your aspirations.

So – Genuinely does The Secret Really Do the trick?

Well – yes and – no! It has made us aware that we can on purpose use our brains to target our thinking and positioning our intention in the direction of where we want to go. And as you adjust on the inside, you reveal yourself to larger options – BUT, when those scenarios come along then this is certainly the time to ACT.

Have a wonderfully productive day.

Winsome Coutts

The author has a passion for The Secret Movie, The Law of Attraction & Personal Development/Self Help. For free downloads, heaps of info and self help tools visit her website:

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