Your Personna Is In Your Mind

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Tell me what you have in your mind and I’ll tell you who you are

        Do you think that the mind can really have an adverse effect on who you are and what it does to your physical self?

        There have been numerous stories supporting this claim – from the mild to the ridiculous to even dangerous situations.

        Here is an example: An individual who is so engrossed in playing violent video games, and watch disturbing news on television could develop a negative attitude in life.

        And then there are those people who take what they watch, read or play to extremes. An episode of CSI: Las Vegas a couple of seasons ago shows a group of young men and women who immortalized the video games they were horridly into by doing exactly what they had played: earning points by gunning down a couple of people without any reason at all.

        And then there was an incident that happened at Virginia Tech in the US. This  Killing by A loner and an avid violent video game player brought about countless and numerous emotions, obviously negative ones, from the victims and from their relatives.

        But let us not forget the emotions that can be brought out from positive experiences as well. A joyful person is a person who looks at a glass half full rather than half empty.

        In relation to the mind, do all of these have anything to do with unlimited energy? Does the mind have something to do with how energy is released from the body? With exercise and other relaxation techniques, it’s quite obvious and is even directly related.

        But in connection with the mind, how is this possible? If you’re angry with the character in the story you are reading and then you take it into action, does this bring out unlimited energy in you? If so, what kind of energy and does it help you or not?

        If the violent video game influenced you so much and you do want to imitate what you have just played, what kind of energy does it bring out of you? Can energy, then, stimulate or enhances the brain to bring out the best, or the worst in you?


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